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HPV Vaccine Awareness

HPV Vaccine is Cancer Protection

HPV is so common that most adults become infected with HPV at some point in their lives. About 14 million people, including teens, become infected with HPV each year. HPV infection can cause cervical cancer in women and penile cancer in men. HPV can also cause anal cancer, throat cancer and genital warts in both men and women. HPV is a very common virus that spreads between people when they have intimate skin-to-skin contact with another person.

The HPV vaccine protects against most cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infections. In fact, this is the 1st vaccine developed to prevent a major type of cancer.

The HPV vaccine is recommended for boys and girls at age 11 or 12.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) & The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends the HPV vaccine for boys and girls at age 11 or 12 so they are protected before ever being exposed to the virus.


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