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HPV Vaccine Awareness

How can I get help paying for these vaccines?

Most insurance plans cover the cost of the HPV vaccine. For those who are not insured or underinsured, the following options are available:


The Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program offers vaccines at no cost for eligible children through VFC-enrolled healthcare providers.

Children whose health insurance covers the cost of vaccinations are not eligible for VFC vaccines, even when a claim for the cost of the vaccine and its administration would be denied for payment by the insurance carrier because the plan's deductible had not been met.

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program provides vaccines for children ages 18 years and younger, who are not insured or under-insured, Medicaid- eligible, American Indian or Alaska Native. You can find out more about the VFC program by going to www.immunize-utah.org.


Merck Vaccine Patient Assitance Program

You may qualify:

  1. You reside in the United States and are 19 or older AND
  2. You do not have health insurance or other coverage for vaccines AND
  3. You cannot afford to pay for your vaccination.

If you have questions regarding the Merck Vaccine Patient Assitance Program, please call 1-800-293-3881.


Where can I learn more?

For more information about HPV vaccines and the other vaccines for preteens and teens, talk to your child’s doctor or nurse. More information is also available at www.immunize-utah.org or 1-800-275-0659.

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