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HPV Vaccine Awareness

When should my child be vaccinated?

The HPV vaccine is recommended for preteen boys and girls beginning at age 11 or 12 so they are protected before ever being exposed to the virus. If your teen hasn’t gotten the vaccine yet, talk to their doctor about getting it for them as soon as possible.

The vaccine is given in 2 doses.  The second dose is given 6 months after the first dose.   If the series is not started until age 15 or older, there are 3 doses required.  The second dose is given at 1 or 2 months after the first dose, then the third dose is given 6 months after the first dose.

Where can I learn more?

For more information about HPV vaccines and the other vaccines for preteens and teens, talk to your child’s doctor or nurse. More information is also available at www.cdc.gov/hpv/ or 1-800-275-0659.

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