Utah Cancer Control Program A Unified Cancer Prevention Approach

Live Healthy

Adding Physical Activity

  • If you have a health condition, an old injury, or you have not been active in a while, talk with your doctor first about what level and kinds of activities are safe for you.
  • When you work, find ways to keep active and put extra moves into your routine.
  • When you are doing seated activities, stretch your body while you stretch your mind.
  • When you do household chores, yard work, gardening, and home repair, think about ways to move and make your chores double duty.
  • Walk or bike to get to where you need to go more often, and walk or pedal briskly.
  • When you exercise or do sports, spend more time doing whatever you like to do--or step up the pace!
  • When you do strength training exercises, start slowly and work up to more.

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