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Just Go

Get a Mammogram

Book Club Saved My Life

Every woman and man age 50 or over should have a colonoscopy, even if they have no family history of colon cancer. Four out of five people with colon cancer have no family history of it.

It only takes about 45 minutes to get a mammogram. So when the “Literary Ladies” decided to forego their monthly discussion and get screened instead, they couldn’t have predicted it would end up saving one of their lives. With early detection, breast cancer is 99% treatable. What plans are worth rearranging if it means saving the life of a friend, a sister, a neighbor, a mother, a daughter? Regular mammograms are recommended for all women over 40, regardless of family history or symptoms. So go with your book club, go on your birthday, take your mom on your lunch break—JUST GO.

To see if you qualify for a free mammogram call 1.800.717.1811