What is the Healthy Kearns Movement?

The goal of the Healthy Kearns Movement is to bring partners and community members together with the hopes of making Kearns an even better place to live. The movement starts by finding solutions for health and social concerns in Kearns. 

The Healthy Kearns Movement is a partnership between the Utah Department of Health and the Evidence2Success Kearns Community Coalition (E2S).

Our goal

We want every member of Kearns  to have the opportunity to be the healthiest they can be.

To make sure everyone can reach their fullest health potential, first we need to find out if there are any important health concerns in the community; as well as anything that makes it hard for people to get healthcare, practice good health behaviors, find or access opportunities and activities that make them healthier, or stay healthy.

Each community has very different needs when it comes to health services. The Healthy Kearns Movement brings community partners together with public health workers. Our goal is to find out what will work best to keep everyone in the Kearns area healthy and provide recommendations to help improve any challenges community members have getting health services or staying healthy.   

In order to do this, we need to look at many things that can affect someone’s health, like:

  • How much people already know about their family history, risk for disease, and the steps they need to take to prevent disease.
  • What people do to stay healthy and how they feel about different health recommendations.
  • What kinds of policies are in place to make it easy for people to stay healthy (like clinics that are open after normal working hours, how many people have paid sick leave or get time off to get health checkups or cancer screenings, etc.)
  • If the different cultural values and experiences of community members affect their health decisions.

We hope to find out:

  • What health and well-being mean to you and your family.
  • What your family needs so they can be their healthiest.
  • How you talk to your family about health-related topics.
  • Where you get health information.
  • Where you get health services or medical care and your experiences with those services.
  • The changes you’d like to see that would make Kearns the best place to live.
  • How we can use that information to create changes in the community that can help lower your risk for disease and keep you healthy. 

Join the Healthy Kearns Movement!

If you live or work in Kearns, join the Healthy Kearns Movement. Here are some ways you can be involved. 

  • Join the Community Advisory Committee to lead the Kearns Healthy Movement.
  • Participate in community projects.
  • Post Healthy Kearns Movement flyers and materials in your business or organization.
  • Participate in local events to raise awareness.
  • Take our survey. The survey will be mailed, so watch for it at your home or in your mailbox.

Email Dakota Driscoll, Community Advisory Committee Coordinator, at ddriscoll@utah.gov for more information and to get involved!

Connect with us on social media

Find us on social media! 

K-TOWN Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KearnsCommunity/

Evidence2Success Kearns Community Coalition: https://www.facebook.com/E2SKearns/